piątek, 30 sierpnia 2013

Warkocze Białki na Festiwalu Sztuki Aquamediale w Lüben w Niemczech

Instalacja z Warkoczy Białki przez całe wakację gościła na Festiwalu Aquamediale w Lüben w Niemczech:



Bialka’s Braids is an art project dedicated to a Polish river – Bialka, which is one of the last remaining natural rivers and supposed to be regulated. Cecylia Malik and firends and activists plaited a 5,5 kilometres- long braids . On April 27 2013 there was a protest and performance on the river bank.

Let’s plait the braid together, as long as Bialka River, and let’s protect it against river control! Let the common work bring us together just as rivers, water and common responsibility. Because it is an art project we can work on such idealistic and great challenges. Let’s save the river with the braids!”

Cecylia Malik

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